We have gone to great lengths to ensure that most of our produce is either homemade or locally sourced.

We have homemade bread and homemade natural yogurt, in season we have delicious strawberries and raspberries from Blairgorwrie, we offer Heather Hills Honey from Bridge of Cally; eggs come straight from our little ladies, who you can visit them at the bottom of the garden, they are very friendly! We also offers Haggis from MacDonalds Butcher right here in Pitlochry, and Stornaway Black Pudding - not local, but by far the best!

Below is a list of what we have on offer for your breakfast, we ask guests to fill in out an order in the evening,
so we can provide a timeous service in the morning.

Porridge ~ selection of cereals ~ Muesli

Bacon ~ sausage ~ black pudding ~ haggis ~ potato scone
mushrooms ~ tomato ~ hash brown ~ beans
Vegetarian bacon, sausage and haggis also available

Fresh Eggs: fried ~ poached ~ scrambled ~ boiled

Continental: cheeses ~ boiled eggs ~ cooked meats ~ smoked salmon

Selection of Teas ~ Fresh coffee ~ Fruit juices

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Croft Na Coille Breakfast
Croft Na Coille Breakfast