Pitlochry Overview

Pitlochry is the town that lies at the heart of tourism in Perthshire. It is ideally located to visit all the majesties that the Scottish Highlands have to offer. As well as its prime location for exploring the Scottish wilds, the town its self is worthy of a visit.

The Town

The town is filled with sights and activities. There is plenty of shopping and many great restaurants and pubs where you can get a great meal. The buildings are mostly of classic Scottish design, so just wandering around the town is a pleasure.

Within the town, there are two local distilleries. Both offer tours, which is a great activity to fill an afternoon. The other benefit is that there is no shortage of great whisky to be found in the area. So make sure you try a wee dram or two. Don't worry; there's plenty of refreshing and stunning walks around Pitlochry too if you prefer clear-headed activities.

The Dam

There is a dam in the centre of the town. You can visit the Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre to learn all about how it is used to produce electricity. While you are there, you should take some time to inspect the salmon ladder. The salmon ladder allows the salmon to get past the dam when they are ready to spawn. The unique thing about the Pitlochry salmon ladder is that instead of the salmon jumping, they instead swim through a series of tunnels. You can watch them making this trip. It's a chance to see them in a way you wouldn't ever usually get to.


Pitlochry plays host to some fantastic events all year round. Modern highland games are hosted in Pitlochry six times throughout the year; the Pitlochry Festival Theatre is famous around the world as the Enchanted Forest event in October. If you want a memorable New Years, then there is nothing quite like the centre of town at midnight.

Whatever time of year you are visiting, take the time to check what is on, and check it out. It's always a good time in Pitlochry.

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