Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Pitlochry Festival Theatre is a huge tourist attraction. More than 100,000 people visit every year, which is amazing for a theatre in the Scottish highlands.

There are shows and events on all year round at this fantastic venue. It's known locally as Scotland's theatre in the hills.

About the Theatre

Pitlochry theatre is renowned for its large scale productions with jawdropping costumes and sets so special that they get their own round of applause. The theatre has an amazing summer program. Every summer the theatre puts on six plays that are on a rotation. So if you come back six days in a row, you will get to see six different shows. Pitlochry theatre pride themselves on being a unique theatre with a real difference.

The shows are fantastic with a well-planned timetable that gives seasonal visitors an excellent opportunity to revel in a range of productions.

The theatre building itself is absolutely stunning. It has some amazing views across the Highlands. The design of the building makes for a joyous and creative space.

More Than Theatre

The festival shop is filled to the brim with local goods. Including works of art. The gallery in the theatre hosts over 200 pieces, all by local artists. They have commissioned a further 300 pieces, so it's worth revisiting to see what has changed.

The grounds of the festival theatre plays host to the Scottish plant hunters garden. The gardens celebrate the work of Scottish botanists throughout the ages. These botanists explored the world and brought pieces of it back to this garden.

You can take tours of the gardens, the theatre and the gallery. There are always workshops on, as well as family-friendly events. Pitlochry Theatre has enough going on that you could easily visit every day for a week, and not get bored.

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